Blup Blup game studio presents his Facebook game : Venassio

Blup Blup Game Studio Mission :

To bring you a challenging and fun Facebook game. We are designing, developing and producing a Facebook game, aiming for soft and core gamers.

Our very international and virtual team include partners and freelancers from Australia, France and United States. Collaboration is done using a fair profit sharing partnership model.

Our current project :
Venassio (currently in development)

You will be hunting various aliens, as part of an intergalactic Roman hunting society.

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Current position :

- 2D artists/illustrators

We need a lot of drawings for items, weapons, creatures, or atmosphere illustrations. We recruit 2D artists and illustrators to support us in our project. You can work as a freelance or as a partner.

Good skill on photoshop or Painter indispensable.
Fluency in English is mandatory, French is a plus but optionnal.

Please, contact us for more informations.

News :

- Venassio at CFcamp 2013

Last October, during CFCamp 2013 in Germany, our Lead Developer, Jerome Lepage,
officially announced we were working on our browser game, Venassio.
Merci Jerome!

- Music for Venassio

Early October 2013, EB-Music completed the music composition of Venassio.
Thank you Edouard. Great work! :)